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 МАКЕДОНСКО СОНЦЕ Читајте за Македонската сегашност, минато и иднина.
Профил (сите податоци се на англиски)
    Canadian Macedonian Olympic Club 
Help send Macedonian Canadian Athletes to the Olympic Games!  
2941 Vivian Road
Newmarket, Ontario  L3Y 4W1

Telephone: (905) 841-5945
Toll Free:

Business Profile: The Canadian Macedonian Olympic Club was formed July 14, 2005 by a group of Canadian Macedonian sports enthusiasts. The mission and objectives of the C.M.O.C. is to foster, and support the further development of elite Canadian and American athletes in preparation to participate, compete and excel in various sports in both National and International competitions including the Winter and Summer Olympics.

The C.M.O.C. will promote and support the athletic development, growth and competition of elite Canadian and American Athletes by funding their participation at International competitions.

Products & Serverices:
Hours of Operation:
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Canadian Macedonian Olympic Club
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